Sunday Jul 13 09:41pm
BBC iPlayer - The History Boys

The History Boys is on iplayer this week, for all those who fancy a watch :)

Friday May 30 07:59pm

Anonymous said: Please tell me which video are the two gifs in your "/tagged/specs" tag are from? I don't recall it being in the THB trailer and I am just dying to find it. XD

I believe that they’re taken from video clips that were used in/to promote the stage production of THB.

(I might be wrong, anyone who knows different, please get in touch!)

E here - hi! They’re from the original stage production, which featured occasional video interludes, a deeply befringed Fiona, and Scripps in glasses. Available to watch here.

Wednesday May 28 06:12pm

Anonymous said: I'm dying to see that BBC 4 Hamlet performance. Do you have any links to it?

I’m afraid that Hamlet was a radio project - audio only. Putting this out to our followers, any technical-minded folk have a copy?

Sunday Apr 6 04:52pm
Monday Mar 31 10:44am


Hamlet | BBC Radio 4 | Episode 1 | Monday, March 24 at 2:15 GMT

Episode 1 of 5

Duration: 45 minutesFirst broadcast: Monday 24 March 2014

by William Shakespeare

Part One

As part of Character Invasion, a new production of the play in 5 episodes broadcast each afternoon this week.

The Castle of Elsinore in Denmark. The court is uneasy. The king of Denmark has recently died and the throne has been claimed by the king’s brother, Claudius. Prince Hamlet, still in mourning for his father, distrusts Claudius and believes that what has happened at the court ‘cannot come to good’

Original music composed and realised by Roger Goula

The director is Marc Beeby.

Monday Mar 24 10:11am

Sunday Mar 23 05:34pm
639 plays


Thank heavens for violent enthusiasm. He’s one of us, darlings; he’s a Shakespeare fanboy.

Thursday Mar 20 12:29pm

Hey everyone - sorry there was a snafu on the Pride and Prej downloads (eg if you’ve reblogged them already they might not work) - all my fault, hopefully fixed now!

Thursday Mar 13 12:31pm
Pride and Prejudice downloads

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Huge thanks to sssnakeling!

Thursday Mar 13 08:26am
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